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rental family pushed out as living cost crisis forces landlord to sell / 出租家庭因生活成本危机迫使房东出售而被推出

anne is a single mum of three kids 11, 10 and 4 who is in a rental property which has just been sold. she says she can’t afford to rent anything in her suburb or surrounding suburbs as prices keep going up and is thinking of moving her family to new zealand when her lease […]

sydney rental prices sit above national average, bucking national trend / 悉尼租金价格高于全国平均水平,与全国趋势背道而驰

Sydney siders have seen their weekly rental cost climb yet again, despite new figures revealing prices have stalled in most other cities across the country. the average cost of renting a dwelling in sydney has risen by 1.8 per cent in the december quarter, the second highest lift in prices across the country after melbourne, […]

why some australians can’t afford the houses that they just bought, and may be forced to sell them / 为什么有些澳洲本土人已经供不起刚买的房子了,可能被迫卖掉

these are worrying times for the country’s real estate market, with the reserve bank of australia predicting further rate hikes in the coming months, say peter detong from town & country real estate. rising interest rates in australia have sent property prices tumbling in many cities. with many fearing the slide will continue, buyers are […]

Sydney rental market in 2023 / 2023年悉尼房产租赁市场

This year is a challenging one for Sydney renters but the tight conditions could turn into a “nightmare” early this year as more tenants seek new rentals in an already tightly supplied market. Figures released by research just 1.4 per cent of all Sydney rental accommodation was available for lease at the end of 2022. […]

Rental crisis fears for international students as they return to / 国际学生返回时担心租房危机

Peter Detong February 10, 2023 A housing affordability crisis is looming for international students, according to Peter Detong from Town& Country real estate, who has called on universities to do more to help foreign nationals find accommodation while they study in Australia. More than 40,000 Chinese students are going to fly back into Australia for […]

How to apply for a rental property if you are first rent /第一次租房如何申请租赁物业

By: Peter Detong of Town & Country Real Estate February 10, 2023 Having no rental history, so don’t feel deterred from entering the market. For those in this position, it’s particularly important to provide as much financial information as possible along with references such as current or previous employers. If person or entity, such as […]

Interest rate hikes trigger Australian housing market’s biggest decline in 40 years

The Reserve Bank’s aggressive rate-hiking cycle has triggered the housing market’s biggest decline in more than four decades. The 8.4% drop between May 2022 and January 2023 is the deepest peak-to-trough fall on CoreLogic’s records, which date back to 1980. It surpasses the previous record-breaking slide between 2017 and 2019, as well as the downturn […]

Why the inflation that is causing rate rises matters for Aussie renters

A searing seventh-consecutive interest rate climb has been imposed as ballooning inflation continues to threaten the rental market. The Reserve Bank of Australia on November 1 lifted the nation’s cash rate by 25 points to 2.85 per cent, with a grim inflation forecast despite the central bank’s cooling measures. The back-to-back rate hikes since April […]