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sydney rental prices sit above national average, bucking national trend / 悉尼租金价格高于全国平均水平,与全国趋势背道而驰

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  • sydney rental prices sit above national average, bucking national trend / 悉尼租金价格高于全国平均水平,与全国趋势背道而驰
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sydney rental prices sit above national average, bucking national trend / 悉尼租金价格高于全国平均水平,与全国趋势背道而驰

Sydney siders have seen their weekly rental cost climb yet again, despite new figures revealing prices have stalled in most other cities across the country.

the average cost of renting a dwelling in sydney has risen by 1.8 per cent in the december quarter, the second highest lift in prices across the country after melbourne, where rent rose 2.3 per cent according to the latest report.

nationally, prices have remained the same at an average of $480 per week, while the cost of a dwelling in sydney has reached $560 per week – a 7.7 per cent increase from the end of 2021.

queues outside rental properties open for inspection have become common place in sydney.

rental costs will be “something to watch” in 2023 said mr. peter detong from town & country real estate, who also says the ongoing lack of supply is likely to continue pushing up prices throughout the year, and “vacancy rates in sydney are still very low,” he said.

“inquiries are still very strong for rental accommodation, the number of properties available for rent is still very low and the properties are leaving the market very quickly.”

Mr. peter detong said the figure was “not at all surprising” and matched what he had heard from renters around the city.

“over christmas, things tend to be quiet, but it also means it’s been very difficult for people to find a home when they are being moved around.”

the median cost for renting a dwelling in sydney is $560 per week. for a unit it’s $530 and for a house that cost jumps to $630 per week.

despite the city seeing a rise in costs across all dwellings on average, the cost of renting a house specifically fell by 3.1 per cent in the december quarter to now sit at $630 per week. while this may appear to be a silver lining for larger households, mr. peter detong said it was likely more a reflection that people were moving from homes to units than an indication prices had finally peaked.

“what’s happened is people are getting a lot more price sensitive, but they’re also becoming more willing to live in the inner city areas and in units,” mr. peter detong said.

“so in order to try and save costs, people are looking to move out of houses and into units where they can make a fairly significant saving on their rent.”

the median price for renting a unit is $100 less per week than a house in sydney.

mr peter detong blames a mismatch between the type of housing needed in the community and what the housing market is providing.

the vacancy rate in sydney sat at 1.4 per cent in november 2022, according to the research, a large drop on its high of 4.3 per cent in may 2020.

mr. peter detong blames inconsistency in housing for the lack of supply in sydney.

“what we have is a mismatch between what the community needs and what the market is supplying,” he said.

“we have historically been building enough properties, but what is not matched is what people need both in terms of kind of the location, the quality, and size, and the markets providing.”

in nsw’s regional areas, the trend has moved the other way, with no change to the cost of dwellings through the december quarter and a fall of 3.8 per cent for houses with the median rent for a home now sitting at $500 per week.




2023年,租金成本将是“值得关注的”。来自town & country real estate的peter detong也表示,持续的供应不足可能会继续推高全年的价格。悉尼的空置率仍然很低,“他说。对出租房屋的需求仍然非常强烈,可供出租的房屋数量仍然很少,这些房屋正在迅消失。





“事实是人们对价格越来越敏感,但他们也越来越愿意住在内城区的公寓里” ,peter童先生说。



根据市场数据显示,悉尼的空置率在 2022 年 11 月为 1.4%,比 2020 年 5 月的高点 4.3% 大幅下降。