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Town & Country Real Estate owns net work real estate offices in China and over the years has developed strong international clients contact and introduced many buyers to invest in Australia.

town & country real estate 理为德地产

local reputation: town & country real estate is developing a reputation of going the extra yard for our vendors. with a top class sales and property manager team with a combined sales experience of over 26 years it is easy to see why town & country is the logical choice in real estate, to handle your biggest asset and obtain the premium result that you expect.

office location: our friendly office is located in the heart of regents park, in a new building, giving us both exposure to all local traffic as well as all pedestrian access to the heart of the cbd commercial area. we have a large window display which grabs the attention of all passers by as well as having our signage readily viewable by all forms of transport. we are your local, professionals in all areas of real estate!

our overseas connections: as an owner of real estate in china, over the years we’ve developed strong international contacts keen not only to invest in Australia but also to strengthen their own investment profiles.

our website: having an up to date website, and your property readily accessible on the “net” is essential in today’s marketplace. if your agent doesn’t have a top class website, then you are missing out on the single most important advertising medium available today. our website is state of the art and contains vital links for both domestic and overseas buyers to contact us and access details of your property.

experience of our sales team: our team of highly trained sales professionals have over 75 years of sales experience behind them. each team member is an expert in the western region areas where they all reside and work and have many contacts throughout the area, which is a valuable resource for any future vendor or purchaser.

repeat customers: a sign of a great real estate agency is the amount of repeat business that comes their way. the team at town & country have a large database and have many people coming back to sell their properties thru the same sales team member because of the great service and relationship they have developed over the years. if people keep on coming back to you time and time again, you must be doing the right thing!

results: talk is cheap, results are what matters! the team at town & country are 100% committed to getting you the result that you want, which is what you’d expect isn’t it?

negotiation expertise: with over 20 years worth of sales experience, you can be sure that you have a sales team that are skilled negotiators and are working for you, the Vendor, to get the best possible outcome. we aim to get the best possible outcome and negotiate the premium price for your property.

marketing skills: with an australia with agency such as town & country you are guaranteed of getting the maximum exposure through our australia wide advertising and our corporate web site exposure. add to this our extensive local advertising, through both the local and state-wide daily papers, our extensive use of the top Real Estate web sites and our name being recognised australia wide, you are be assured that you are getting the maximum exposure for your property.

newspaper advertising: we don’t just advertise in the real estate sections of the daily and weekend nationals, but also take out extensive cover in all the local papers. we do not just advertise 1 or 2 properties, but rotate all of our properties to give them maximum exposure for the longest possible time, to get the result that you are seeking.

sales success rate: at town & country real estate we have a great sales success rate. why, you ask? because we are prepared to go that extra mile for you! We have a great sales team, with many years of successful selling experience. the sales team are all experienced and excellent negotiators, who are dedicated to getting you the best possible result. we utilise all of the latest technology and use the best advertising mediums available. we have a large database of past clients who want to do business with us as well as a large overseas clientele who trust us and have the money to invest. we get results!


理为德tm(town & country real estate) 地产公司是由peter童先生于1996年创立于上海服务范围包括物业租赁(property leasing)、物业管理(property management)、物业销售(property sales)、物业拍卖(property auction)、按揭贷款(finance referral)、项目策划(project plans)、投资策划(investment plans)、工商铺地产及村镇地产(commercial/industrail/rural)等诸多领域的中介交易服务。


理为德tm地产公司本着“永远把客户的利益放在第一位的宗旨”愿与国内外各界朋友精诚合作, 来满足客户的要求。本公司拥有多家分店包括中国上海等地区共享信息平台, 真正做到跨国委托, 跨国交易, 业务范围遍及上海及澳大利亚。

公司采取最便捷的网上信息互递, 快速的讯息资料查询, 以及专业的房产动态知识, 为客户提供全面优良的服务。理为德tm 地产澳大利亚中英文网站既是理为德tm地产公司的网上窗口, 也作为公共信息平台, 使公众可以在网上自由发布信息, 在线留言洽谈, 是房地产网上信息交流的一个新的突破, 使您足不出户便可了解楼市动态。

理为德tm地产公司的全体员工在Peter童先生亲自带领下以专业化的策划理念以及西方先进的销售管理模式给每一个客户提供优质的服务. 同时按照澳大利亚消费者协会制度的原则, 将企业和经纪人的行为规范化, 通过广泛吸纳及培训人才建立一支优秀的职业地产经纪人队伍, 通过与外界不断的交流, 来实现企业策略和计划, 在澳大利亚房地产经纪市场中树立优质服务的企业形象, 打造独特的精品品牌。

在每个区域的市场上 做最具权威的代理商。为达成这一目标,我们深知必须将您 — 客户的利益,放在第一位。

在购买、出售、投资以及物业管理等全部物业需求上,我们将为您提供全程协助。 也将继续努力创新处理房地产交易,探索更为实用的工作方法,不断提高工作效率。

1996年PETER童已经在上海开始童氏地产经营并起明“理为德TM”地产, 经过数年的摸爬滚打及对国内外同行的研究, PETER童先生应用自己独创的经营模式, 顺应时代发展和市场要求。PETER童先生说: “我们公司推销的不是我们的产品而是我们的理念”。


要在房地产竞争界成功必需要有严格的计划、致力和焦点。这意味作不停地改善现有先进技术及营销方案, 有能力吸收精干的人才和迅速适应当今地产世界的改变和市场趋向。


town & country real estate公司我们采用一种灵活的方法来适应每个家盟公司的需求。我们知道, 每个家盟公司都有不同需求及方式来适应我们每个不同服务地区各自的需要。

town & country real estate公司作为一家声望形象好的著名组织机构公司。因此对要求参加加盟我们公司的地区区域及加盟公司的组织机构和个人都有作严格的要求及标准规定。

如果您需要取德更多关于加盟town & country real estate的信息,请及时与我们的Peter童联系。热线电话61+2+96456699或电子邮件联


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