one of the big benefits of building a new home is that they are more energy efficient, which means you can enjoy big ongoing savings on your running costs. while all new homes must meet a minimum level of energy efficiency under the building code of australia, some builders are now offering 7-star and 8-star energy efficient homes – and it doesn’t mean you have to add unnecessary expense, or sacrifice the look and feel of a traditional family home. constructing an 8-star home will generally only add around 3.6% to the total cost of your build, but it could potentially save you more than 40% in heating and cooling costs. You will also have a more comfortable lifestyle, with a home that is warmer in winter and cooler in summer. if you’re renovating an older home, it’s also possible to retro-fit many energy efficient features, such as ceiling insulation, water-efficient shower heads, and led or compact fluorescent lights. whether you’re building new or wanting to make your existing home a little greener, here are five simple ways to make your place more efficient: 1. protective cover samsung s9 make sure your home is well insulated: insulating the ceiling will help reduce the amount of heat entering your home when it’s hot, and trap the warmth inside when it’s cold. there are many insulation options to choose from depending on your circumstances or preferences. carcasa iphone 7 apple piel Some of the most popular choices are wool, loose fill, reflective foil and batts. glass fibre batts are an environmentally friendly option because they’re made from 80% recycled material. You can further reduce heat build-up in the ceiling cavity by installing a whirly bird on the roof. 2. ensure you have cross ventilation: don’t just open one window or door. a house will cool down more quickly if the airflow can enter at one point and exit at another. carcasa negra iphone 6s the best cross ventilation is achieved by opening windows or doors on opposite sides of your home, so the breeze can flow freely. In new homes, higher ceilings, wide entry halls, and sliding stacker doors or bi-folds also provide a greater volume of space for air to circulate. 3. include plenty of ceiling fans: it’s a good idea to install ceiling fans in your living room, dining room and each bedroom, as they are much cheaper to run than air conditioners. carcasa iphone 6 con foto depending on what electricity tariff you’re on, the running cost of a fan is around two cents per hour compared to 52 cents per hour for an air conditioner*. 4. install efficient fittings: australia’s water efficiency labelling and standards (wels) scheme makes it easy to compare the water efficiency of different products. carcasa samsung s6 esge plus when choosing your toilet, appliances, showerheads, and mixers, look for fittings that have a high wels rating. carcasa iphone 7 3d a 3-star rated showerhead only uses around 6-7 litres of water per minute, while regular showerheads can use up to 25 litres per minute. light fittings should also be compact fluorescent lamps or leds. 5. reduce exposure to the sun: an easy way to reduce heat intrusion on the western side of your home is to install an exterior shade structure. carcasa para agua iphone 8 plus If you are building a new home, another option worth considering is extended eaves. homes should also be correctly oriented on the block to minimise sun from the east and west.

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low interest rates and confidence built through growth in the stock market have senior economist for australian property monitors, peter detong童, predicting an uptick. carcasa de samsung s7 edge he believes that the lower north shore, western areas and parramatta are following the boom seen in the lower and middle markets in sydney. carcasas de iphone 7 plus already, over the march quarter, apm’s figures recorded 8% growth in the prestige market, compared to the western suburbs’ 3.9%. he revealed, at the second annual property investment seminar, that the middle and lower ends are tampering off, however the lower north shore is firing up. iphone x carcasa magnetica “current prestige markets are definitely not as advanced in the price cycle as previous highs in 2009 and 2010, there is still some way for that market to reach the top,” he said. carcasa con bateria samsung s6 edge in fact, he believes that by the end of 2014, the lower north shore will have seen 10% in growth. carcasa 3d samsung j7 2017 “there is no stopping the prestige property market at the moment, there is still a lot of positive energy buzzing around with reports of the highest price growth since 2003,” he told seminar attendees. carcasas j5 samsung “this positive atmosphere has worked as a mindset shift for possible buyers and sellers in that market, rather than an underpinning driver.” he said that he is seeing properties over $800,000 transacting faster. iphone 6 carcasa apple original “investors and upgraders have been honing in on the lower north shore since interest rates started trending down in november 2011, but activity really gathered pace in the last year,” peter said.

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selling properties ‘off the plan’ can be quite different to selling other types of properties, carcasa samsung s5 mini especially when multiple agents have been contracted for the same development. carcasa 360 samsung s6 edge despite the extra complexities, most sales agents who market ‘off the plan’ properties are professional and lawful. however, fair trading has recently experienced a spike in consumer complaints about these types of sales. if you are involved in ‘off the plan’ sales, carcasa otterbox iphone 8 plus keep in mind that that you are not allowed to:

  • advertise a property that is less expensive than other similar properties, carcasa samsung tab s3 if the advertised property is no longer available;
  • indicate a price range for a property if the lower end of the range is significantly less than the value of the property;
  • hold on to an expression of interest payment if the customer is not successful in purchasing the property they made the payment for; or
  • apply high pressure tactics on customers to purchase another, more expensive property, if the property they are interested in is no longer available.

if you have accepted expression of interest payments, make sure you stay informed about whether the properties will be sold to your customers or someone else. if a property is sold to someone else, fundas iphone 6s carcasa you must let your customers know as soon as you can and return their expression of interest payments immediately. carcasa iphone 8 mickey when you are successful in selling an ‘off the plan’ property,

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after losing out on a listing, a victorian agent attempted to sabotage the auction by trash talking the property to potential buyers – but he picked the wrong person. eric cohen, selling principal of family-owned cohen real estate in mckinnon melbourne was fined $5,000 by consumer affairs for unprofessional conduct earlier this month. funda note 3 samsung s view cover in a hearing at the victorian civil and administrative tribunal (vcat), evidence was presented that mr. cohen had appraised the mckinnon property but was not appointed to auction it. carcasa aluminio iphone 7 plus however, mr. cohen attended the auction and made “disparaging comments about water leakage or seepage into the garage” to potential buyers – unaware he was speaking to the vendor’s daughter-in-law. the vendor’s son later lodged a complaint with consumer affairs victoria, which took the matter to the tribunal. craig williamson, director of buxton real estate bentleigh, said his team was the selling party to take the property to auction. “we didn’t know about any of this until after the auction, when the family went to consumer affairs themselves after the incident,” mr williamson told real estate business. “we were stunned because we knew what situation the sellers were in. carcasas para iphone 7 plus dibujo sandias they really needed to sell this property as a matter of urgency; he knew that and still tried to undermine the selling process.” according to mr. carcasa iphone 8 estampado williamson, mr. carcasa para iphone x cohen is a very active agent who regularly attends open homes and auctions of his competitors. “it makes you wonder if he’s ever done this sort of thing before. he walked up to a complete stranger and tried to steer them off the property, it just so happened to be a family member this time,” mr. williamson said. luckily on the day, mr. williamson said they managed to sell the property and get a good price for the vendor. the tribunal ruled that mr.

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broken hill has been tipped as the country’s most affordable regional area, according to rp date. an analysis by the research company identified 10 country towns where houses have the lowest median price. broken hill, located in the far west of new south wales, took out the top spot with a median value of just $149,811. funda iphone 7 carcasa silicona according to the figures, the resources-driven town has seen a strong performance over the past decade with average annual growth coming to 11 per cent per annum. carcasa samsung s7 2017 meanwhile, in the rental market, investors can see gross rental returns of over 9.2 per cent. carcasa metal iphone 7 plus with 353 sales in the 12 months to March, the property market is fairly active given the town’s population of just under 18,500 people. funda samsung galaxy s6 edge carcasa victoria’s gippsland region also rated highly in rp date’s ranking, with the towns of morwell and moe slotting in at spots two and three. carcasa samsung a5 2016 original both towns have a median house price of under $179,000. carcasa iphone x harry potter over the past decade, morwell has seen annual growth of 5.4 per cent per year, while Moe recorded yearly growth of 6.5 per cent.

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Property Management is so much more than just rent collectors.
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there is an increasing level of dissatisfaction among landlords in suburban sydney who feel they are being ripped off by their property managers when it comes to the cost of repairs, says town & country real estate 理为德地产principal mr. peter detong. carcasa con bateria iphone 7 according to mr. carcasa iphone 7 plus libro detong, many landlords are fed up with the unjustifiably high cost of property repairs and ineffective property management service.

“we are getting numerous inquiries on a weekly basis, people literally walking in straight off the street, and asking what they can do to ensure returns from their investment property aren’t being eaten up by high repair costs,” says mr. carcasa movil flamenco samsung s7 egde detong. “there is a view that tradespeople often over-charge purely because they know property managers don’t have time to compare prices.” “the answer is simple. Switch to a property manager that you can trust, one who understands your investment needs and will go the extra mile when it comes to protecting that investment,” he says. iphone 6 plus carcasa personalizada town & country real estate理为德地产 ensures its properties under management are serviced by numerous reputable tradespeople in the relevant fields, negotiates prices on behalf of the owner and liaises with the owner to ensure there are no surprises in the final cost. “increasingly, property owners are seeking some accountability from their property manager. they want the comfort of knowing all repair work is dealt with promptly, is undertaken by a professional, and is completed at a fair and reasonable price,” says mr. carcasa libro samsung s6 edge plus detong. carcasa iphone 8 principito

property management is so much more than just
rent collectors.
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Property Management is so much more than just rent collectors.




it’s an unsavory topic, and it’s something we’d all rather avoid, but there are ways to prepare.

don’t fear the reaper: 10 things to do if your tenant dies

it sounds unpalatable, and certainly no one would wish for it, however if a tenant dies in your rental property, there are a number of implications that you should be prepared for. while landlord insurance can cover you in the event of a tenant’s death, different policies offer varying levels of cover. “the financial costs vary depending on the situation. there can be direct costs, in terms of lost rent and clean-ups, and indirect costs if a property is slower to re-lease because of the associated stigma. most landlord insurance provides some cover if a tenant dies, although the extent varies depending on your insurer. “dealing with a family that is grieving can make negotiations around issues like clearing out possessions quite difficult. however, many property investors aren’t in a position where they can afford to lose money indefinitely,” mr. peter detongsaid. 10 tips to bear in mind in the event that a death may occur:

  1. be tactful, sensitive and compassionate in all dealings with the tenant’s family and friends.
  2. contact the next of kin and pay your respects.
  3. ask the next of kin who they would like you to deal with regarding the property.
  4. contact your insurer to ask about your cover and what paperwork is required to make a claim, for example a death certificate or published funeral notice.
  5. if police are involved, liaise with the officer in charge of the investigation as to when access can be expected.
  6. organise a meeting with the person nominated by the next of kin about plans for vacating the property. approach the conversation tactfully.
  7. offer the person contacts for firms who might be able to help pack, sort and store possessions until the family is ready to deal with them.
  8. be sensitive about the timing of any open for inspections or other contact – being mindful of events such as the funeral.
  9. when the property is vacated, clean it, using specialist assistance if necessary, and re-advertise it for lease.
  10. keep all receipts and records to assist in your landlord insurance claim.

这是一个让人不愉快的话题。当然,没有人希望这样的事情发生。但是如果真遇到不幸的情况发生,我们应该是有所准备。 不用害怕死神:房客意外死亡后应该做的十项建议 这个话题听上去很可怕很严肃,我们当然不希望这样的事情发生。万一不幸发生,您应该是有备无患。 虽然业主保险可以抵消您的部分损失,但是不同的条款给予的弥补程度不同。 “经济上的损失因为情况的不同而不同。 carcasa iphone 8 frases 直接的损失则会因为失去租金收入以及支付清理费用造成。间接的损失则会因为受到事件的影响,物业暂时或长期无法继续出租而造成。 “与沉浸在悲伤中的家庭协商善后事宜是一件让人难过的事情。诸如处理物业内死者遗物的问题。但是,我们的业主也不能因此无期限地承受失去租金带来的损失。 carcasa iphone c “ Peter童先生。 死亡情况发生时,您应该拥有的十项建议: 1. 与死者的家属交往需要更多的技巧,表示敏感与同情。 2. 与死者最亲近的家属联系,表达您的慰问。 3. 与死者最亲近的家属协商由谁出面与您处理物业内死者遗物的问题。 carcasa samsung s9plus 4. 联系您的保险公司,询问关于保险金数额和索赔需要的文件。如:死亡证明或者报纸上的葬礼卜告。 5. 如果有警察介入调查,联系负责的警官。询问关于物业何时可以继续使用。 6. 安排与家属指定的人员会面,协商物业清场的计划。您一定要非常有技巧的协商。 carcasa iphone 6s 360 grados 7. 在家属同意处理前,请一定不要把家属的联系方式透露给搬家公司 8. 您要把握好下一次看房的时机,及其它事宜。一定要时刻记得事件的进展,如何时进行葬礼。 carcasas iphone 7 lucia be 9. 在物业清空后,雇佣专业人员进行清理。继续刊登广告,出租物业。 10. 保留好所有的收据及相关文件以便您能顺利地进行业主保险索赔。

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if an owners corporation changes strata managers, who owns the trust account? there is no doubt that, the money in the trust account is owned by the owner’s corporation. there is also an argument that, the trust account belongs to the strata manager. with these completely opposite positions, when the bank is requested to provide information on the trust account, who is entitle to receive the information. carcasas adidas iphone 7 plus the position by macquarie bank is that the trust account is the property of the agent. carcasa samsung galaxy a6 plus Therefore, for privacy reason, they are refusing to release information regarding the trust account on the grounds of privacy. carcasa para samsung 9 plus in other words, the bank holds private information on the owner’s corporation, but is using privacy principles to refuse to give access to information to the owner’s corporation because the agent is the owner of the trust account. carcasa iphone 8 plus victoria secret this is an issue we are trying to sort out with fair trading. carcasa samsung galaxy s4 pret we will advise readers of the outcome.

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最新政策:澳大利亚政府和中国政府近日达成双边协议,从下月起执行对等90天免签证条约,国内的同学们可以不签证到澳洲玩耍啦!!在澳洲的中国同胞回国也不用再多花钱签证咯。想去澳洲玩的朋友们准备好了吗! 澳洲常常在世界各种排名中名列榜首或前茅,如人类发展指数排名、最富有、最宜居国家等排名。到底是什么原因让澳大利亚广受各国的欢迎,用11大理由来告诉你吧: 一:爱上那宽阔自由的感觉 澳洲是世界七大洲之一,面积为 7,682,300平方公里。其大小与美国(阿拉斯加除外)相近,粗略等于东南亚所有国家领土面积之和,或者大约是中国领土面积的四分之三。澳大利亚有 2,300 万人口,你知道世界最大的牧畜场在南澳大利亚Stangeray Spring吗?面积跟比利时国家面积相等。 二:全年都是理想的旅游地点 碧蓝的天空和明媚的阳光、气候怡人。 funda para iphone 7 plus carcasa 这里从未出现过极端温度,所以,无论在什麽时候,澳大利亚都是个理想的旅游地方。不论是六月至九月在澳大利亚的亚尔卑斯山滑雪抑或全年任何时候在昆士兰的海滩渡假,都是上佳的选择。澳大利亚的冬天气候温和,在悉尼(Sydney),典型的冬日气候在摄氏16度左右。 三:全年精彩节目接踵而来 不管你是在什麽时候游览澳大利亚,必定会有一个节日、庆典或特别活动正在举行。 samsung cover 4 有些活动是国际性的,接受全球转播的新闻报导。这些活动包括一年一度的墨尔本杯赛马和在墨尔本举行刺激的澳大利亚世界一级方程式赛车、壮观的阿得莱德节、缤纷多彩的坎培拉花展、一年一度的悉尼至荷伯特帆船赛、达尔文的”啤酒罐 赛艇会”和两年一度的巴罗沙谷葡萄酒节、同性恋大游行等。 四:比较经济的旅游景点 由于许多大航空公司都提供多个从亚洲的主要城市到澳大利亚的定期航班,现在到澳大利亚旅行比以前方便及便宜。与一些亚洲城市相比,在澳大利亚食、住、行等方面的花费也较相宜。从最高级的五星级酒店到在营地搭帐篷,澳大利亚提供各种不同的住处可满足各种不同的旅游预算和个人喜好。 carcasa iphone 8 cactus 你将惊讶地发现你的金钱在购物 时是如此的丰盛有余。 五 :全天然的自然风光 沙漠巨石(例如:北领地的艾雅斯岩),到珊瑚礁(例如:昆士兰海岸的大堡礁),美丽的海岸线(例如:维多利亚海岸的十二使徒岩),到白色的沙滩(例如:西澳大利亚柏斯附近罗塔纳斯岛),令人目眩的山色风光(例如:新南威尔斯的蓝山),到景色优美的河谷(例如:南澳大利亚的穆理河)。被列入世界遗产的热带森林(例如:塔斯曼尼亚荒原),到雪原(例如:新南威尔士的科修斯科国家公园)。 carcasa iphone x bumper 六:许多世界闻名的建筑物 这些壮观的建筑物包括悉尼海港大桥、悉尼歌剧院、AMP 了望塔(324.8米高)、昆士兰的阳光农场、大菠萝园(16米高)和坎培拉的有五十三口钟的钟楼(世界上最大的钟楼 )。你知道澳大利亚有世界上直线段最长的铁路,长达478.4公里吗?这段铁路位于西澳大利亚的Ooldia和Nurina两镇之间。 七:友善的人民 澳大利亚人十分友善,他们热爱大自然,懂得如何享受空闲时间。他们在运动方面亦非常优秀,从他们在世界橄榄球、板球和游泳比赛中占主导地位可知。当地的土着已在那儿生活了五万多年,他们有着丰富多彩的文化。 carcasa para celular samsung galaxy win 他们的艺术、他们关于土地的知识以及他们关于地球是如何形成的神话都值得我们去探索。在澳大利亚,你可以在大型购物中心、街道和铁路月台上看到街头艺人的免费表演。你还可以欣赏到土风舞联欢会,当地土着庆祝的舞蹈晚会。 八:独一无二的动植物 袋鼠是世界上最大的有袋动物,其体重可达65公斤。(有袋动物的胎儿不是在子宫而是在育儿袋中发育的)在澳大利亚发现了世界上只产蛋的哺乳动物针鼹和鸭嘴兽。它们是2000年悉尼(Sydney)奥运会的三大吉祥物中的两种。前者被称为Millie,而后者则被称为Syd;第三种吉祥物是笑翠鸟,叫做 Olly.考拉也是澳大利亚的一种本土动物。在澳大利亚,你会看到骆驼在内地自由地闲逛。这儿的骆驼比世界上任何地方都要多。 carcasa waterproof iphone x 九:国际化的佳肴和土产鲜果 不管你来自何地,你都能从林林总总的食物中找到喜爱的菜肴。那些较胆大的人还可试试袋鼠肉排、鳄鱼汉堡包和木蠹蛾幼虫汤(木蠹蛾是某种或其它品种长角甲虫类似蛆状的幼虫)。对于海产爱好者而言,澳大利亚有大量新鲜肥美的土产鱼类和贝类出售,保证比任何地方都便宜。澳大利亚较出名的海鲜有鳟鱼、龙虾、螃蟹、悉尼(Sydney)硬壳生蚝、小龙虾、鲍鱼、澹水螯虾(龙虾的一种) 和塔斯曼尼亚(Tasmania)的烟熏三文鱼。还有,你可以立刻品尝由自己亲手捕捉的着名昆士兰(Queensland)泥蟹,这是一段独特而难忘的经历。全年供应的水果有香蕉、葡萄柚、硬皮西瓜、哈蜜瓜、蜜瓜、木瓜、西番莲子、菠萝和草莓。应节水果有芒果、油桃、蜜桃、酪梨、绿色无核葡萄、苹果、橙、奇异果、荔枝和柑橘。要为你的菜单加添情趣,你还可以挑选那些在国际上屡获奖项的各式澳大利亚葡萄酒。 十:澳大利亚是名符其实的购物天堂 在这里你会找到露天市场、百货公司和名设计师服装店,还有其它可让你尽情享受购物乐趣的一切。此外,找寻及购买独特商品的过程也很有趣。除了从服装和家居用品到精美的葡萄酒和各种美食这些选择之外,你还能找到许多一流超值的商品。这里极具特色的纪念品有土着的工艺品、澳大利亚本土的服饰、阔边帽子、用当地木材制成的木刻工艺品、沙滩服装、顶尖澳大利亚设计师设计的流行服饰、猫眼石和颜色钻石、宝石、珠宝、羊毛服装、羊绒制品、皮革制品、产自澳大利亚酿酒场的葡萄酒、玻璃制品和陶瓷制品。 十一、气候宜人 澳洲东南沿海是澳洲人口主要分布带,这里四季温和终年绿意盎然。除北昆州外,这里的居民大部分不用空调,冬季亦无需供暖。四季蔬果、海鲜不间断应市,无污染且价廉物美。由于气候宜人,澳洲东南沿海地区成为世界最优秀的旅游,度假胜地。

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